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Polish KC regulations


The text below is preliminary. Brighton Goldens intention is to update this section  in future once more back-response will be available from our clients and other readers.


Brighton Goldens offers to their clients contracts where both sides have fair rights and responsibilities. Example of such contract for a puppy is given here.  Please read this contract prior to your decision to buy a dog from us. Some changes may be accepted in the specific situation providing that both sides agree on them. We are in the position to take responsibility if anything goes wrong. It is in our genuine interest to bring you the best quality dogs. We do not want our clients complaining. If you for any reason will need to sell you dog in future or you will not be able to keep him anymore please contact us first!  Brighton Goldens reserves the right to refuse any sale we fill that it will affect negatively a future of the dog we sell.

Dog Treatment

Brighton Goldens sells English type Golden Retrievers bred by someone else. We can also offer British type Golden Retrievers bred by us. We are dog lovers and it is our number one priority to provide the best care we can for the dogs we have permanently or temporarily here. We wish all the dogs in America to have such stimulating and interesting life like dogs we have here. We also carefully screen our overseas suppliers concerning this point. We want to sell happy and healthy animals. We think that if other dog owners put more attention to this point we would not have so many dogs in animal shelters, etc. We feed our dogs and puppies a high quality food. They have veterinary care, grooming, exercise and even training for puppies kept temporarily at our premises. Our overseas dog breeders also give this to them. It helps that costs there are generally lower there. Our intention is not mass production or selling but selling the highest quality dogs rather. We are a licensed to resell dogs with the license number 12279 issued by Illinois Department of Agriculture. This means that we had and we will have from time to time an inspection of animal keeping conditions. For comparison, a similar license is required only those for breeders which have at least five brood bitches in our state. We do not expect to have a large quantity of puppies here. In fact, we do not expect more than four transferred puppies at any given time. It is in our best interest to send them to the buyer as quickly as possible. Decisive majority of these puppies are “on order” and they have actually a rest stop here before they reach their future masters. For this reason we advice our clients to make their decision quickly before their puppies come to US. We use the rule: who paid deposit first is first served!  

Dogs from Poland

Brighton Goldens is usually importing their dogs from Poland .  We do not want to limit ourselves to Poland only in the future.  There are many reasons that we are importing dogs from Poland. First, we are Polish and we do not have a language barrier. Secondly, not too long ago, last year in fact we have been still living there and we have good knowledge about their Golden Retriever market, breeders, shows and system of dog evaluation because we took part in all of these. 

Golden Retrievers have appeared in Poland relatively late.  Except the one in the British Embassy in the 70s, the first Golden Retrievers were brought to Poland in early 90s only. Poland lays in the close proximity to Germany. It is also very close to Scandinavian countries where quality of these dogs is on the highest level now. Because of this and greater mobility and new-gained freedom many of Golden Retrievers were imported to Poland and it is imported until now. Those, which are imported lately, tend to be more expensive, highest quality and from top well-known European kennels.  Since beginning of 90s Golden Retrievers have spread to such extend in Poland that they are usually the second breed after a Labs of represented on the shows.  There is a big competition over there now on the shows. This is frequent ther to invite This creates a better value for a client.  Poland is a country of almost 40 million people. There is a big demand for this type of dog there. The bigger numbers create bigger competition and better value for a client.

Poland has been selected as the first country in Central/Eastern Europe by FCI –to run there its Dog World Show this year in November; see http://www.worlddogshow2006.pl/index_en.php . This will be exactly in the same city: Poznan where one our affiliated breeder is from.   This show is different from those big ones in US that it is not for selected dogs only. Anyone with papers can show their dogs there even you and me. They are expecting 14000 dogs there including 600 Goldens! For info see our home page and follow the link there.

If you who want to check visually what kind of Golden Retrievers Poland can offer please follow this link: http://www.goldenfoto.com.pl/index.php?lang=english .

This is a service run by some Polish enthusiasts where most of the shows and important dogs have their pictures. They have started doing this not so long ago. Many even important but older dogs are still missing. This should be very interesting for you, especially for those who have not so clear picture how European Golden should look like. Some important shows from other countries are also covered there.  Poland is now a member of European Union. This causes that good international practices are spreading there even faster. Comparing to its equivalent here - AKC, Polish Kennel Club has much stricter procedures for litter registration. We write about this in our About Brighton Goldens section. Those people who want to deepen their knowledge about rules in Poland in this subject please visit our  special section .  We have prepared this section to inform more about shows, champions, titles etc in Poland and other FCI countries. You will be able to verify what kind of pedigree your dog has. Our imported dogs are coming always with Polish Export pedigree and registration document.  Until now, they were all at least Champion or Junior Champion sired. We are going to continue this practice in the future.  

Our Current Breeders

We deal with highest quality breeders from Poland.They usually have a long time practice in dog breeding. We have been at both places. We go there ourselves, see their premises, facilities and dog keeping conditions. Except of superior care about quality, those people have shown also genuine animal love. They are caring about such things like exercises and dog trying as well as trying to give their dogs necessary for them bonding. We are in constant contact with them. We are frequently consulting in any matters. We have gained a lot of knowledge from them.  You are welcomed to contact them now or in the future directly if you wish so. The only problem you can approach probably would be a language barrier.  

Polish and Foreign Dog AKC registration.

Polish pedigrees and registration documents are fully transferable into AKC registration see their web site for information about this: http://www.akc.org/rules/special_registry_services.cfm .  Once you supply us, your name and address, our breeder in Poland will apply on your behalf as a buyer for Polish Export Pedigree and registration document. Only if you have a dog registered in Poland for your name you can apply for AKC registration here. Unfortunately, whole procedure takes there up to 4 months! You enjoy your puppy much earlier of course. Once you get these papers you can apply for foreign dog registration with AKC send them $50 and wait around one month for AKC papers. There is address to download the form:  http://www.akc.org/pdfs/foreign.pdf . Follow instructions on the form. Brighton Goldens is proud of the dogs we sell. We sell show quality dogs and most of them will have a good value as a breeding stock. Therefore, by large our dogs are sold with Unlimited Registration rights.

Puppy medical records.

Your puppy is coming with the full medical record where all vaccinations, vet exams, clearances, etc are recorded. It is customary in Poland to have this recorded in the small book called International Health Book or Pet Health Book. It is used in Poland not for purebred animals only.  There is a couple of different kinds of this document depends on the manufacturer but the book’s content is the same. There is place in this book for vaccinations where vaccination name stickers are placed. These vaccinations are very similar if not identical to those used in US like for example Duramune. The pictures below show a front page of such book and vaccination record.


Health Book Vaccinations Polish language is the first language for data description but it is usually followed by descriptions in English. Please remember also that all the dates there that are coming from Poland have different date format (first day then month then year). We encourage our clients (and their vets) to use this document further. This way they will have all records what was done to their pet in one convenient to carry form. If more medical records are created in the future, a special data file for the pet is strongly advisable. If your puppy is 8-9 week old when sent to you there will be only two vaccinations done: Canine Coronavirus and another multi-component (Distemper, parvovirus and others). This is done at the same time usually when puppy is around 6 weeks old. You have to follow this with a booster in next 4 weeks and another booster(s). Your doctor will explain you everything. Your puppy will be also dewormed (another place in the book) 3 times. You should deworm it again before second booster. Once again, consult your doctor. To be allowed to United States your puppy was examined by licensed vet in Poland and approved by certified regional vet there. He/she issued a special form in three languages for this. Taking a puppy from overseas, you must vouch that you will vaccinate this puppy against rabies at the age of 3 months (it cannot be done earlier). US law says that such a puppy should not contact another animal until rabies vaccination and 30 days thereafter. It is advisable to clients to fill up in advance a special confinement agreement form (form CDC 75.37).  If your puppy is young enough to qualify, your address must be supplied to the Animal Control authorities. They can call you or visit you from time to time to check if you comply with this restriction. Although we are testing all our animals, it is strongly advisable to our clients to exam your puppy within one week from delivery. Remember you have a week granted in the contract (please read it for further explanations) to send this puppy back for a full refund in case there is something wrong.


Polish Clearances.

We have to admit that if all those parent’s clearances are concerned Poland is generally a little behind USA or more correctly behind GRCA (Golden Retriever Club of America) recommendations. Polish breeders are mostly at the hips dysplasia clearance level only although we observe a change toward more clearances. Even hips clearance not done sometimes especially for dams (bitches). It is now Polish Club rule for Golden Retriever breed to test both parents for hip displasia. (This concerns dogs born 2006 and up). Only A or B and qualification are accepted. Otherwise, they cannot be bred - it means the litter will not get pedigree. They also do not check elbows, eyes and hearts routinely there. Polish breed stock show evaluation system is protecting people to some extend against hereditary defects as well. One cannot imagine a dog with heavy health problems to move and present nicely on the show.

Poland has different system and grades for these tests than in US. In fact there are many systems all over the world and even in US we have at least two different ones OFA (http://www.offa.org/) and PennHip. System in Poland is an FCI system which is used in all FCI countries this mens most of the world. They use only A instead of A1 or A2 in the older version etc. There are currently only eight certified by Polish Kennel Club vets for a whole country who can do and issue such certificate officially. They all have at least PhD title. They can stamp the pedigree with the grade and their approval. Their names are on the club Web Site: http://www.zkwp.pl/regulaminy/regulaminy.html .  This system is less prone to “tricks” then our system. This is mainly due to the fact, that tattoos are obligatory in Poland for purebred dogs. We are preparing more information about this in a special section.

Remember, no matter what breeders will tell you that two parents with OFA excellent hips produce statistically as I remember around 3% of puppies with dysplasia. On the other hand, two dogs both with dysplasia produce slightly below 30% bad offspring.  OFA grades are excellent, good and fair, etc. To check hips properly by OFA, one has to wait until a dog is at least 2 years. Only bad cases of dysplasia affect your dog health. In most of the cases, dysplasia can be only detected by X-Rays. Such dogs should not be bred of course. Even bad dysplasia cases are curable now by appropriate surgical procedures.

Our Breeders’ Clearances

Our major breeder tests routinely his dogs and bitches for both hip and elbow dysplasia. The second one has still not checked some of his females. He has said that offspring record shows that they are all good. We are trying to force them toward more tests to be at least in line with GRCA recommendations (hips, elbows, eyes and heart). Although eyes problems for Goldens are rare and OFA statistics suggests that heart problem is affecting 1.2% of Golden Retrievers, they will have to do this. Testing trend is affecting Poland now too and they run mass tests organized by the club now. They have promised to do it in July all their dogs. Hearts were checked somehow before Hips and Elbows X-Raying as a condition to have anesthesia done. Despite of this we still require something on the paper. People must understand that we are very much interested in this because in our contract  we are offering to replace a pup within one year if hereditary disease has been proven. 

Dog Transport

Sending a puppy by air cargo from Poland costs $500 to $800. Transporting of the grown up Golden Retriever by air cargo from Poland costs more than $2000. It is cheaper if someone brings a dog with a person. For these reasons, we go there for dogs ourselves or use some people to bring them in. This is only economically viable if we bring more at the time. As anybody can see our markup comes mainly from travel cost cuts and good organization. Transport costs take a huge percentage of the puppy final price. This cost is also independent of the puppy quality. If we have brought a crossbreed, we would still pay the same. This is yet another reason why we are not trying to save money to get the best puppy from there for you. We are always use direct flight to bring our dogs here. The plane usually takes eight and the half hours in the air to come to Chicago. A puppy may be taken to a cabin so this one has no problem with his natural needs. Puppies take traveling easier that older dogs do.

We live in a close proximity to Chicago. We are very conveniently located in a half an hour driving distance to the major airport with direct connections to most of American and world bigger cities. We can offer the best possible conditions to make your puppy travel easier.

Direct dog import – comparison

There are many reasons behind choosing Brighton Goldens as your dog supplier. First, you can get generally higher quality than from local producers. You would be able probably to get something cheaper yourself from overseas. In such a case, if there is something wrong with the dog or you do not like him, your return transport costs can be huge. Another question is how feasible is guarantee from the foreign breeder. There is a lot of hassle connected with the dog transport from overseas. Especially inexperienced person will spend much time to work it out. Please remember that Europe is much more condensed place that US. Breeders there sell their dogs to the clients who collect a puppy personally from their premises mostly. They by large are not used to send puppies by air cargo. Additionally, they are usually situated far from airports because of their business nature. If you still like this idea, it is advisable for you to fly there yourself. This way you will be able to select the puppy yourself and you will know what you are buying. In this case, prepare yourself for high extra costs of such an operation. Prices of the airline tickets went up now. The very low dollar-euro exchange rate makes this even worse. You must take into consideration costs of hotels, renting cars, public transportation etc. These costs will certainly overweight Brighton Goldens markup on the dogs we sell. Those of you, which have this opportunity to travel there for some other reason, are in much better situation. Even for those people Brighton Goldens way can have some advantages, especially if they are inexperienced in this breed. We offer for them our expertise. There are thousands of kennels and breeders in Europe. By large they are not so good kennels or breeders as in USA or in Poland. Even in England, most of them are not worth recommendation. Even a good kennels have better or worse puppies and they must sell all of them. With our experience, we are in the position to do some selection for you. We are constantly searching all available data sources like literature and especially internet for records, ancestors, pictures and all other pertaining information. Our internet knowledge helps us greatly in this task. You must remember that dogs are living and growing animals and not everything is visible or apparent from the first look. It is difficult; if not impossible find a perfect one. Especially that a word “perfect” means different things to different people. We are mostly a buyer’s agent in the sense. Remember for good or bad we are here for you – our client. It is you that should get an ultimate advantage from all of this.

All the above statements are given in a good faith and to the best of our knowledge. If we have done some error or we have omitted something, please contact us to help us to rectify this.


Tom Nawara – Brighton Goldens