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English Cream Golden Retriever - what it is?

    If you reside in any country in the world except for North America, this page is dedicated to Golden Retrievers. If you are from North America, this page is dedicated to English Cream Golden Retrievers, also called English Crème Golden Retrievers, English Golden Retrievers, European Golden Retrievers Blond Golden Retrievers, Light Golden Retriever or White Golden Retrievers. There are even more names for them, such as White Goldens, Platinum Blond Goldens and etc. These names are used in America to distinguish (British) Kennel Club Standard Golden Retrievers as a separate species separated from "normal" Golden Retrievers, which virtually only exist in America. Although purebred English Cream Goldens are fully registerable as Golden Retrievers by the American Kennel Club and other purebred dog registries in America, there is a bunch of differences between these two types of Golden Retrievers. We are among one of the first web sites which rationally describe some of these differences, without pseudo-marketing nonsense. You can read our section Golden Retriever types comparison for more information. We live in the United States and are constantly asked about our light Goldens. Many people are baffled when they try to identify what breed they are - they do not identify them as Golden Retrievers. We were asked questions like “what breed is this, etc” even by American Golden Retriever owners and people dealing with dogs professionally. Although English Creme Goldens can be shown here they do not stand a chance to win anything at AKC shows, even if they were good enough to be European Champions. The surplus of names used in America to describe British Goldens shows that there is a tremendous interest in the dogs. In fact, the number of them in America has grown steadily in the past years. It is not only because of the different visual aspects of UK type Golden Retrievers.

English Cream Goldens present qualities which are in great demand: they are laid back, happy, intelligent, and love of humans, combined with their great looks explains their popularity. The number of various names also shows a lack of an official name and their “unofficial” character as a breed. No organization classifies English Goldens as a separate breed or variety so far. In our opinion it is about time to register the English Golden Retriever as a separate breed in the US. Both types are unique and both are nice dogs. In our opinion they’re both much better than many other breeds. Linking them in the same category doesn’t make sense anymore. We think this change would give an additional incentive for show American Breeders as well. The American Golden Retriever could be registered in Europe similarly to the American Cocker Spaniels versus the (English) Cocker Spaniel. There would be demand for American Golden Retriever puppies overseas and the standard of this breed would be an AKC standard. There was a person once who was looking for very dark (red) Golden Retriever on a European internet forum. Various people were advising him on how to get one like that. They told him to get one from the US, but that solution was beyond his reach. Local enthusiasts of Blond Goldens will only be able to get them from non-show, local breeders, which are often backyard breeders. These breeders do not necessary know how this breed should look like. They see their own dogs only, and often breed all their females only with their single stud dog. They frequently mix British type Goldens with local Goldens, and their main aim is to have as many White Golden Retriever puppies as possible, and as light as possible. So far the only alternative is to buy imported Golden Retrievers - for example from this web site, at least if you want to have good looking ones that conform to the English Type Golden Retriever standard with good credentials. We hope this will change one day. We welcome all people who want to contact us about this subject.

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